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January 8th, 2009

07:46 am - old habits die hard
i had some incredible dreams last night. i admit i hardly ever read huge blocks of dreams like this, all whole and not broken up by erratic train of thought. i wanted to get it all down, immediately.
so the one that pops into my memory the most vividly is (i'm going to do it in present tense as i hear it's GOODER): i'm sitting in this big black ball with two guys and it is a spaceship. however, the space ship is not working! it's really dark and we are sitting in our big chairs trying to figure out wtf is up. finally we get the headlights on. why such an advanced piece of equipment has HEADLIGHTS, i do not know. we all piled out and sat down at the bottom of a big hill surrounded by hills - down by the river. up at the top of the hill was a really beautiful old building, looked like a school to me. vry old. i was drinking a grape soda when a huge group of probably like 200-500 people all wearing white with candles are crossing the river. it was really pretty but also terrifying. we got scared. then i was overwhelmed with a sense of ELATION and i realized that it was just TIM HEIDEKER getting ready to do a skit with me! he was going to run as fast as he could up to me and kick me in the face - but not really. it would just look like that to a bystander. anyway so he did it and then we and all (i just realized i'm not present tense anymore) had a huge party down by the river. but nobody was wearing white anymore and i was like "WHAT Happened to all the white clothes?" cuz everyone was wearing regular clothes and i couldn't see a big pile of white clothes anywhere. anyway. the other dream i remember was: i am standing in the kitchen early early morning and davin walks in with either kyle or jorden. and then davin and i get in an argument and he hocks a loogie in my face and kicks me really hard and leaves. and he was drunk. and i was really mad.
the last one i will tell about was more of a sci fi themed one. i was escaping from somebody evil, some huge evil government or something, i think it was set in the future, or perhaps just another planet. anyway i somehow escaped ( i won't get into the boring details ) and this awesome black guy with a cute son and an airplane helped me to escape, but when we were about to fly off the General's trucks were in front of the airplane! so we turned and sort of tried to figure out a way out but as we were making our way down a jungle-type road, a volcano reached out form its lava pits and grabbed the airplane! then i was with some asian girl, or something, and she was really annoying and the General had caught up with us and we were hiding behind these jungle curtains with pickles growing behind them, running from the lava and the GEneral and man. shit got crazy. it was okay cuz we kept getting deus ex machinas, you know, we definitely should have been dead by all means. i was fighting some of the guys and dodging bullets when i FINALLY picked up what appeared to be a weapon. but it was not really a weapon. it just looked like one. it was shaped like a remote control car REMOTE controller. so i thought maybe it controlled helicopters with missiles, or something. but no. it was a dinosaur tomagotchi. i was pissed but also impressed because it was mucho fun, i discovered whilst running from my enemies. anyway that's basically all i remember.
dreams. dreams oh dreams oh dreams. how delightful to remember some. and not so great to remember others. i had another one that i won't tell about. it is painful to think about.

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May 19th, 2008

01:41 pm
there are some VERY FUNNY dreams in this dream journal.

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01:25 pm - blessed are the meth drinkers!
Kaleigh and i had been dating, but then i met Will and just forgot about her, so in the present i remembered that i was supposed to still be going out with her, because we had never officially broken up . i started to feel really terrible about it, so i wanted to text her and tell her that i missed her and that we should watch this movie called "the magical ice-cream suit" together (and that part is true in real life. KALEIGH WE MUST WATCH IT. AMAZING CINEMA.) unfortunately, the cell phone was dead (that part is true too.) and will wouldn't let me use the computers. fortunately, someone gave me a little "texting machine." unfortunatly, it didn't work very well and i couldn't type the right thing. i tried for awhile but got mad and gave up.
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April 14th, 2008

04:08 pm - celebrity dreams!
oh my gosh i had the coolest dream- okay. i was at the saturday night live recording studio and uh britney spears was on talking about how celebrities need little things to spice up their persona and stuff - she said "For instance, tonight i have a slurpee, which is nice, i'm laid back, but it does seem to make me seem a little bit younger, but... that's okay for tonight," and then the announcer was like OKAY THANK YOU BRITNEY! AND NOW PERFORMING A SONG FOR YOU ALL, JULIA ROBERTS AND JOSH HARTNETT!!!!!!!!
adn they came out and they were dressed in suits and stuff and i was the glitter-dispenser and they sang HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME and they made crude hand gestures (jack off in face, julia roberts) and i squirted silver glitter on her face to represent SEMEN. it was very very very funny and disgusting and josh hartnett was being gross too and i squirted semen on him. i mean glitter. anyway so thennnnnnn it ended and britney was not amused. when it was over everyone was cheering wildly and she just clapped a couple times with a scowl. hahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahhaahahahahahahaahahahahahaha
i really like julia roberts and josh hartnett now, and i didn't really before.

oh also in my dreams i was at britney spearss's's's apartment and her kids were gross

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March 2nd, 2007

07:42 am - mister jones
i had a dream my mom dropped me off at nix house??? for something? because kaya lived there for some reason or something. i wanted to go up to the door and be like HAY I KNOW I'M NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO NICK BUT IS KAYA THERE? but i didn't have the nerve - but nick's mom came out anyway. and then invited me inside. and told me to go into her bedroom (which wasn't her bedroom in the dream) and i did and nick and kaya were in bed and i was like WTFWTFWTF??? and they were all ya we're going out. and i was all UM WEIRD OKAYYYYWEIRDWEIRDCOOL and then i looked and saw this weird ass dress and i was all "That dress is very much not attractive" and kaya got all mad at me and i was all KWHATEV and then i left the room and she was yelling at me and i was all PSHWHATEVZ. then i went back in the room and kissed my hand and pushed it onto nick's face and he smiled and i left again and then i was all this is WEIRD. this has gotta be a dream. oh i know, it is a dream! i'll go wake up and get online and ask kaya if she is going out with nick. and then i concentrated really hard and "Woke up" which wasn't really waking up. i was all "wow that was easy, and there isn't much difference. maybe it WASN'T a dream!" anyway. then i guess. the dream ended. and i woke up a few hours later.

i think this was inspired by people having a discussion on "knowing it's a dream when you're having a dream"
and i had never had that happen to me. so i guess my brain decided it was time.

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December 29th, 2006

02:32 pm - the buses don't run at midnight
i had such a weird weird dream.
kayandi were going to take the bus somewhere, so we walked a million miles and then it was midnight so the buses didn't run. then kirk called and was all "i'm at this party, but i'm coming to you later sooo bye" and then i was all "wait why don't we just go to kirk?" so we did and it was this giant weird RAP party. like a huuuge party where a bunch of black famous dudes stood around/maybe danced/maybe rapped. i accidentally touched one and got like beat up or something. it was terrible cuz they were like kicking me around and kaya and kirk were all :/ UHHH
also before we went to that weird party we were at some store that was attached to my house and davin came out with two things of wine and me and kaya were like WHERED YOU GET THAT? and then we went and got some.
there was so much more and i remember waking up and being like DUDE I GOTTA WRITE THIS DOWN
but then. not. because i was tired. but yeah it was WEIRD.
because it was this huge huge room that was all black and blue lit and really pretty with a bunch of beautiful black men doing their thangggg.

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June 6th, 2006

02:17 am - miss madonna won't you give me a kiss?
i was in middle school, and i had come back to school after skipping a LOT. and it was finals day and i had only been to class once and i was embarrassed to go because my teacher would have asked "who are you?" and i would have had to admit my skippage. so i skipped. hah.
i went into the hallway, where i met up with my friend REN (of ren & stimpy). we walked around and eventually had a couple other people with us. we were all 'fifth years' (a term that came from girls camp, not harrypotterrriswear) which are the oldest you could be at that school, apparently. fifth years got to go to the library and use computers and read books, but wren and the other people were afraid to go in there, even though we were all old enough. so i, VERY BOLDLY, went up to the library door and walked inside, with them following me. we all sat down and got on computers and looked at pictures and then all of a sudden ren and i got bored, and he was kind of like my controller for the PS2 and he had these buttons on the side of his legs, you know where dogs have meaty thighs. anyway i had to tap them both off and on over and over again and then he would speed away really fast, and i would too if i kept hold of him. so i did that and we ended up on a highway at a stop light. then i did it again but forgot to hold on so i was stuck without him. it was funny. i laughed. then i made myself do the speeding thing and we were together in some gross backyard. we knew that inside was this big, scary, monster. this is where it started to actually be the ren&stimpy cartoon. anyway, we finally got inside and we were creeping around when suddenly we turned a corner and THERE WAS THE MONSTER. it was made of candy and had a fork for a head. but then i guess it was friendly.
my dreams never really amount to anything.

then there was another one where i was at kirk's house and it was huge and different. and then a bunch of things about cooking in an amazing kitchen and a bunch of weird hunters coming over and me crying and yelling at them for killing giraffes and elephants. it was kind of a nightmare. also a bunch of things that had to do with a giant bathroom.

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March 27th, 2006

this was a WEIRD. DREAM.
kaya and i were planning on going to this weird wine party thing and we were wearing these weird skinny dresses under our clothes and we were planning on taking our regular clothes off and surprising everyone with our funny dresses. then we ended up in this weird wine cellar and our drawings/paintings were on display and we were surprised and happy and we were looking at each others stuff and i had one of a guy's shoulder and the ocean waves and i forgot the other one and kaya had one of fishsticks and some other one i forgot. then the fish sticks turned real and my grandma was there and they were battered/deepfried etc. and she was trying to boil them to eat them and i was all "grandma that's wrong," and we argued for a while but then we made them and they were good.
okay so then kaya and i were standing her house (only it wasn't her house at all, and it was the same place the people were just gone) and she lived with her dad (notcaleb) and hannah's mom and i think we were watching tv. ummm then i said i really had to pee and then later she took me outside and i was all "where are we going," and she said "You have to pee right?" so we went and there were these kids playing basketball with their dad and we were all freaked out because it was 5 am and WHAT KIND OF FREAKS PLAY BASKETBALL AT FIVE AM? so then i walk up and pull this weird picture sliver with weird death threats out of one of the kids pockets (he doesn't notice. they don't even notice we're there.) and then kaya takes it and reads it and rips the threats into two different threats and then shows one to the kid, and the kid FREAKS OUT and gets all scared and yells at his dad and we're all "hahaha we're outta here!" and so then we walk a few more blocks and right next to this busy street is this sort of hill and we climb up and she's all 'PEE TIME' and over the fence there's these two guys standing and they can see us and i was all "HAH GOOD THING THOSE GUYS AREN'T TALLER OR THEY COULD SEE US BETTER." and then she grabs my elbows and makes me crouch down and she just pees. and it almost gets on me and then i'm all 'ew' and back up and we laugh and then we go back. then we sit and then she leaves for a second and puts on this really red lipstick and palepale foundation and comes back in with this crazy blondecurlywig and then later her dad sees and FREAKS OUT and is all 'KAYA GET INTO MY ROOM RIGHT NOW' and amanda had to go too and i just watched tv while kaya got screamed at. then when she came out we went outside again and this time the dad from the dad with the two kids is out there standing looking really pissed hiding something behind him. so we walk by and while we're near him he pulls out this gun and tries to shoot us so i throw mascara at him and lipstick and kaya throws some makeup too and he drops his gun and has mascara and lipstick all over his face. he looks MORTIFIED. he starts crying and saying 'PLEASE PLEASE JUST DON'T TAKE MY MONEY' and it turns out kaya's uncle or something tried to go over there earlier and steal money from him... so then we're all 'cool' and we're all mean and yell at him and he takes us inside and i forget the rest.
there's a lot of other random details that keep popping up in my head but this is certainly enough

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January 17th, 2006

12:00 pm - you better go right back to where you - STARTED from
okay so i saw aeon flux last night, and i'm pretty sure it inspired some of my dream.
hannah and i were at some school thing, where there were tons of foods and peoples. we somehow found some cheeto guns... guns that shot cheetos, and started killing people. we also found mascara guns and licorice guns. but when other people did it, it didn't kill their target. it just squirted mascara/licorice/cheetos at them. i ran out of ammo, i knew i was running out cuz the cheetos were getting smaller, so i gave my gun a break.
there was some weird thing where i was in this room and i guess i was in a play? and i was supposed to be leaning out one of the windows to say something like "I LOVE LIFE" but there were bars between all the windows so i couldn't fit through. so then i found a barless window and did it but nobody recorded me.
anyway. so then we take the bus to my house ( me & hannah ) and we sit down and there are some people there but all i remember is spencer and my mom. so there's like a movie playing or something and all hannah is saying is "when my mom comes to pick me up, do you want her to give you a ride home? i'm sure she won't want to but i bet i can get her to, i mean because i don't want you to have to walk home, but we're really busy tomorrow blah blah blah," and i was all "sure k," cuz i guess i forgot i was at home?? anyway so eventually spencer is all "GOSH KALEIGH WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE ALL THE SOMETHINGS OFF MY BACK" and i don't remember what he said but it meant like, his back acne. it was weird. and i was all OKAY and then he decided he just wanted me to shave his back, but there were only little tiny hairs in random places so i was trying to be really diligent and working really hard/slowly.
then i stopped and we went to this weird dinner with a bunch of kids. there were tons of chip dips but no chips. just weird mashed potatoes and breadsticks. there was also a fake snake hanging out of the window. i got potato salad, mashed potatoes and breadsticks and like beans or something.
i sat down with some people and then this little girl ran up and was talking to the guy sitting next to me, she was alL "I WANT TO SIT BY YOU!!!" and i was all "Um go away ugly" and then she pulled up a chair and sat on the other side of me.
that's all i remember!

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December 18th, 2005

02:09 pm - there'll be time enough for sex & drugs in heaven
i was at an amusement park or another world on this hotdog ride, kirk and i were on it and we became friends with the lady operator. then these other people came, this reallyreallyreallyugly girl and her mom, and kirk had to get off to let them on.
so i got off, looked at the other girl and said WITH A LOT OF CONVICTION "i'm gonna puke all over you."
she got off.
kirk got back on.
then later i was this guy at an underwater party and i was trying to go pee but there was a guy and his chihuahua in there and the guy was all "DUDE. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. MY DOG IS TRYING TO PEE."
and so i was all k whatev, came back like 20 minutes later and he was still trying to get his dog to pee in the bathroom. it was weird. he was pretty upset. he kept saying "HE WAS ABOUT TO PEE!!!! GET OUT!!!!" and i kept saying "please just let me pee, the party's over in like 20 minutes." and it was 7:10 am. how weird. it was really dark and blue and bubbly.
then i was with my family and we were getting eggrolls in the shape of conchs, but we had to buy them at a liquor store, so we went in the liquorstore and bought them. they also served corndogs and jo jos.
did i mention that this whole time i am grabbing my camera and taking pictures? yeah, but my camera is stored in this liquor bottle that is half full of really syrupy alcohol, and every time i took it out it was all sticky and wet, but it still worked fine.
then we went outside and sat on these stools. everyone got a stool except me. that was stupid.
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